Expeditionen ins Bierreich

Wenn er mal daheim ist, ist unser Christian “Stinker” Kalinke nicht zu bremsen. Und deshalb schiebt er nach dem Erfolg des Lehmann-MTV-Unternehmerstammtisches gleich noch einen zu Thema “Bier” hinterher.

Unter dem Titel “Expeditionen ins Bierreich” treten heute 19.30 im Starnberger Hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten” auf: Dr. Michael Zepf, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung der Doemens Bierakademie und vormaliger Braumeister beim mittelständischen Flötzinger Bräu in Rosenheim sowie …

… Dr. Willy Buholzer, unser Willy, seines Zeichens Berger Vorzeigeschweizer und europäischer Einkaufsrepräsentant des globalen Bierkonzerns Anheuser-Busch InBev (hier auf einem offiziellem Photo).

Zur Einstimmung auf den Abend weltexklusiv Christians Filserbrief zu einem ähnlich weltumspannenden Thema, dem Wetter:

Dear Berger,

a German Managing Director of a English company can easily be seen as a woodhammer. Take for byplay the opening of a meeting. Gemans like it clip and clear. Hello, let’s get started is the normal kickoff. If you don’t want to be seen as a German culture-banause, than you better learn smalltalking about the weather. If it was raining over the weekend, than you bescribe that you are happy having a rainwatering toilet or wash machine. And you should be fantasy rich. Out the sight of a Englander, can you Germans in the pipe smoke, if they talk longwhiling about cold or warm weather. Avoid to be beseen as a fat-poor-milk-drinker. You better talk about raining cats and dogs, which was in 2010 the normalcase in Bavaria. Surprise, surprise. When I spent my weekends in England, it was always sunny and I was able to talk about the people running in hordles into the parks and standing snakes at the icediels.

Businesstalks need to be methaphored by describing weather conditions. If you want something quick, than you ask for a solution in wind’s hurry. If you feel cheated, than you explain, that someone you in the rain stand let. Or if you discuss Marketing issues, that you promise the customer the blue from the heaven.

But it comes even thicker. If you as a German Managing Director want to go on number safe, than you should befollow the important intercultural rule. Never be Mr. “Know it alls” or “Always right”. You better act as a wise weather frog, telling people the old Bavarian farmer rule: “When the cock crows on the mist, changes the weather or it remains as it is.” What means, if it’s sunny, we give gas and if it’s rainy, we carry the sun in our heart.