Filserbrief 2: Football

Bei den MTV Awards 2009 die höchste Gaudi: Oliver Bierhoff, Jens Lehmann und Christian Kalinke

Der Unternehmerstammtisch wird wiederbelebt! Am Mittwoch, den 24. August, empfängt der derzeit in England ansässige MTV-Präsident Christian Kalinke um 19:30 Uhr im Gasthof zur Post zunächst Peter Schickel, Chef der Berger Firma Bitmanagement, der uns Interessantes zu Fußball in 3D erzählen kann.
Zum Heimspiel tritt im Anschluss der ehemalige deutschen Fußball-Nationaltorwart Jens Lehmann an. Thema wird die WM in Südafrika sein – Trainer, Teams, Taktiken, Tore, Ronaldo, Rooney und Ribéry.

Passend zum Thema schickt uns Christian Kalinke seinen Filserbrief zum Thema Fußball:


Sorry, lads…

Dear Berger,

oh my god. What a bitter WM 2010 for the 3 lions. The English national kickers played without juice and craft. Every little motion was slow motion. This team was really a laugh number. Very much smaller countries like Uruguay or Ghana have stolen them the show. And the 1:4 against the Sauerkrauts. What a national catastrophe. OK, the 2nd goal was not given, but with such a lousy fourer-chain you have nothing loosen in world wide TOP. All English players should themselves what shame. Good night, English football.

Man had yes awaited, that the English boys in sack and ash would go. Forget it. While millions of true English fans with alpdreams to bed went, the English kickers cipped one beer after the other. After my meaning have these Rooneys, Gerrards, Lampards too much money and not much character. As millionaires they are not so interested in overwinding the swinedog to win a match.

The cat-lamentation is great after the disaster. Some press fuzzies say England has not enough football talents. That’s bullshit. Too may English boys are soft eggs, warm douchers and sitpinklers. They are just too fine, like the devil to run and themselves dirty to make.

A deeper analysis show, that England needs a green card not only for computer specialists from India but also for Polish, Turkish or African footballers. We Germans have it foremade. Then you have to create a good team-ghost. Otherwise you play again so grotto bad like in South Africa.

Lastendly. The National trainer counts. And Fabio Capello was not the right man. Probably they need a couple like David Cameron and Nick Clegg. My foreshlag is Felix Magath and Werner Lorant. They would the English players read the levites and put their waddles in front.