Our QUH-Man in England

Und noch ein Gastartikel: Seit einem halben Jahr ist das QUH-Mitglied, der MTV-Fußball-“Präse” und MTV-Unternehmensstammtischunterhalter Christian Kalinke im englischen Exil. Um nicht ganz den Kontakt zur Heimat zu verlieren, hat er uns fünf Filserbriefe geschickt, in denen er uns Daheimgebliebenen sein hartes Schicksal nahe bringt. Wir starten heute mit dem Thema “Essen”.

Zwei Männer zwei Portionen ein Land

“Dear Berger,

as you eventually know, I’m now since 6 month in England. So it’s time now, to send you my first “Filserbrief”. More will follow. My will is that you kiss your stereotypes about England “Good bye”. Stereotypes like bad food, good footballers, the lousy weather, ugly women and behated Germans. My first “Filserbrief” goes about food.


We are, what we eat and the eat culture in England kills you. So clear can we outprint it in German.
My first beseek in the supermarket made it me clear. English lifemiddle are great, when you not tomatoes on your eyes have. Take the fruit bar. All fruits are fresh and doesn’t taste like styropor or having the consistence of gumbears. Or if it goes about the “Back Boutique”. When you “Schwarzbrot” have will, are you looked like a visitor from another star. But you see a lot of Schwarzbrot. They call it others. Just ask for a Alpbread or a Joggingbread or the latest cry, the Mueslibread. Overhead Muesli. This give it in all thinkbar combinations.
I prefer to go in our Canteen, where I get self shredded corn with rubbed apple and what know I for ingredients.
The Indish curry here is also not from bad parents … or the Italian pasta, from what I cannot let my fingers from. Or the Fish and Chips. A poem! OK! Besides Fish and Chips there is not a lot of English food. The diversity makes it even.
Know you, where in my eyes you the greatest meal finds. In the pub, where the blue collar worker goes. Ok there gives it a lot of thick-makers like the big hamburgers. But I like this fresh Burgers with hand made fried potatoes. And of course the liters of lagers which taste after a while like Augustiner.

English food is not so bad as we Germans think. Otherwise it is not to declare, that the Queen Mum became so stone old.

Cheers Christian”